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Ski resort Kopaonik is one of the greatest ski resorts in the southeast part of Europe. It is 230 km far from Belgrade, in the central part of our country. The “Sunny Mountain”, one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, is characterized by extremely favorable climate with more than 200 sunny days per year. Snow covering at the Kopaonik lasts in average between 180 and 230 days per year, and the first precipitation starts already in November.

Extremely favorable climate conditions and geographic location represent a great potential for development of both summer and winter tourism. This well-known tourist resort gives possibilities to visitors to prove their skiing skills at the first-class prepared ski runs. Ski resort Kopaonik comprises of 44 km of arranged runs for alpine skiing and 18 km for Nordic disciplines. The ski run “Malo jezero” is prepared for night skiing. In order weather conditions not to spoil enjoyment of Kopaonik visitors, ski resort is equipped with system for artificial snowing that gives the opportunity of covering part of the runs with artificial snow. All the runs are connected by a system of chairlifts and ski lifts; total capacity is 28,600 skiers per hour. This system comprises of three new detachable high-speed four-seater chairlifts (total capacity 5,400 skiers per hour), two fixed four-seater with magic carpets for loading skiers (total capacity 4,200 skiers per hour), five two-seaters of the capacity 5,880 skiers per hour, four T-bar towing surface lifts (capacity 4,800 skiers per hour) and nine towing surface lifts – plates (capacity 7,300 skiers per hour). In addition to the runs for alpine and Nordic disciplines, ski resort Kopaonik has also a skating rink and a snowboard park where many local and international competitions are organized.

Belgrade - Kopaonik ...... 290km
Novi Sad - Kopaonik ..... 370km
Niš - Kopaonik .............. 118km

High of Resort - 1770m
Highest ski point – 2.017m
Total length of slopes - 44.000m
Total capacity of lifts skiers/hour - 28 600
Number of ski lifts – 23
Baby lifts – 2
Easy slopes - 12
Medium slopes - 7
Dificult slopes - 4
Maximum vertical rise - 512m
Longest run – 3.500m
Lenght of night slope - 450m
Cross country trails 18km

There are three FIS standard runs: slalom, giant slalom, super G.


1. Sunčana dolina

Type: two-seat chairlift
Length: 644 m
Vertical drop: 132 m
Drive: 4,5 min
Difficulty: medium

It runs from toward Krst (1.715 m altitude). It is easy and wide. Due to its position it is sunny from the noon, being the first subjected to snow melting.

2. Suvo rudište
Type: ski lift
Length: 1.437 m
Vertical drop: 193 m
Drive: 7 min
Difficulty: easy/ medium

The track goes from Krst (1.715 m altitude) to the top of Suvo Rudište (1.976 m altitude). It is medium/easy track. It extends along west end side of the ski area. The track is ideal for beginners in hownhill run. At the end of the track where Krst is, you may stop for a break and sunbathing or continue skiing down Sunčana Dolina.

3. Malo jezero
Type: ski lift
Length: 450 m
Vertical drop: 76 m
Drive: 2.5 min
Difficulty: easy

Slope runs from the apartment settlement “Sunčani vrhovi” - Konaci to Krst (1.715 m altitude). It is easy, very short run, wind protected, so it is open even in the most adverse meteorological conditions. It is lit for night skiing too (from 19:00 to 22:00h).

4. Pančićev vrh
Type: four-seat chairlift
Length: 1.393 m
Vertical drop: 248 m
Duration of run: 5 min
Difficulty: easy/medium

It is detachable type four-seat chairlift – put into operation in February 2006, speed 5 m/s. Length of the route is 1.393 m, Vertical drop 248 m, a capacity 1.800 skiers/hour. It is put on the route and place of the oldest single-seat chairlift on Kopaonik. The track is easy / medium. Route begins from the top of Suvo Rudiste (1975m altitude) and goes down to central plateau, in front of most hotels on Kopaonik. It branches into three paths sheltered with forest, going down toward touristic center.

5. Centar
Type: two person double chairlift
Length: 1.832 m
Vertical drop: 277 m
Drive: 12-18 min
Difficulty: easy/medium

This is the longest ski lift on Kopaonik. The track is easy. It goes down from the top of Suvo Rudište toward touristic center. The upper part of the track is the same as for tracks No.2 Suvo Rudište and No.4 Pančić, and the lower part branches into two paths cutting conifer forest.

6. Duboka I
Type: four seat chairlift
Length: 1.410 m
Vertical drop: 385 m
Drive: 6,5 min
Difficulty: difficult/black FIS

Track begins from the top of Suvo Rudište at 1.975 m altitude and consists of two tracks, left one which is easier and long, popularly called red Duboka and the right one, more difficult, black Duboka. At the end they are joining in to one track. Most of the competitions are being performed here, on its difficult part, because the track fulfills FIS standards

7. Karaman greben
Type: four seat chairlift
Length: 1.196 m
Vertical drop: 173 m
Drive: 7.5-8 min
Difficulty: easy

It is quite easy track suitable for beginners. Chairlift departs from the central plateau, in front of the most hotels, and its exit station is at the top of Karaman Greben. It consists of two tracks. The right one is a bit easier and at the middle meets shortcut to track Mali Karaman. The left track is a bit shorter and steeper. Across the exit station of Karaman Grebena there is also exit station of Duboke II. If you continue towards it and leave it on your right you will reach platter type ski lift Kneževske Bare. You can reach this track from the central plateau in front of Hotel Grand, at the exit station Duboka II or using shortcut Mali Karaman.

8a. Mali karaman
Type: four seat chairlift
Length: 1.042 m
Vertical drop: 193 m
Drive: 4.5 min
Difficulty: easy

8b. Mali Karaman B
Type: ski lift
Length: 1.082 m
Vertical drop: 193 m
Drive: 5 min
Difficulty: easy

Ski lift is of four seat type with conveyor loading system and there is a platter type ski lift. Length of the track is 1.082 m, and Vertical drop 193 m. It is an easy track. On both sides of ski lift there are skiing tracks. When you get off the ski lift, to your left there is a connecting track to ski lift No. 9 Marine Vode. To your right hand side there is a track going to ski lift No.7 Karaman Greben and touristic center. On the very top you may transfer to tracks Gvozdac and Kneževske Bare, or go by connecting track to Bele Reke II.

9. Marine vode
Type: ski lift
Length: 909 m
Vertical drop: 187 m
Drive: 4.5 min
Difficulty: easy

You get to the stating station from the top of Mali Karaman, following marked track. The track is easy. It is on the east side, lowering down from the top Vučak (1.934 m altitude) toward Marine Vode. From the top Vučak you may pass to track No.10 Karaman and proceed further to Gobelja or return back to track No.8 Mali karaman.

10. Karaman
Type: ski lift
Length: 857 m
Vertical drop: 187 m
Drive: 4.5 min
Difficulty: easy

The track is easy. It is on the north side and it goes down from the top Vučak (1934 m altitude) toward vertical curve Jaram (1.788 m altitude). At the bottom of Karamana there is a narrow shortcut to the right toward starting stations of ski lifts No.19 Gvozdac and No.18 Ledenice.

11. Jaram
Type: ski lift
Length: 598 m
Vertical drop: 68 m
Drive: 3 min
Difficulty: easy

The track leads toward the top of Gobelja and tracks going down to Hotel Srebrnac. It is easy, mild and suitable for beginners and children. The track Jaram can be reached from the top of Gobelja, when you exit from Gobelja Relej and by direct crossing of the road on vertical curve Jaram from the track Karaman.

12. Gobelja relej
Type: ski lift
Length: 706 m
Vertical drop: 180 m
Drive: 3.5 min
Difficulty: medium FIS

Difficulty of the track is medium. It runs above Hotel Srebrnac. At the top of Gobelja (1.934 m altitude) it joins the track Jaram and other tracks of ski center.

13. Gobelja greben
Type: ski lift
Length: 606 m
Vertical drop: 151 m
Drive: 3 min
Difficulty: medium

The track is of medium difficluty. It is reached from the bottom of track No.12 Gobelja Relej. From the top there is a beautiful view overlooking Župa and Toplica. There are two tracks, one next to the ski lift and one going to the right. The track is FIS certificated for slalom and at the end joins the shortcut coming from the bottom of Gobelja Relej track.

14. Knezevske bare
Type: ski lift
Length: 836 m
Vertical drop: 149 m
Drive: 4.5 min
Difficulty: easy

The track is easy. It is at the east side of Kopaonik. It is shiny in morning hours. Its top station is on Mali Karaman. At the bottom of the track, there is a narrow shortcut to the right going to starting station of ski lift No. 6 Duboka. From the bottom to the left there is a shortcut coming from Bela reka II.

15. Bela reka I
Type: two seat chairlift
Length: 1.671 m
Vertical rise: 305 m
Drive: 10.5 min
Difficulty: easy

The track begins at 1.057 m altitude, and ends at 1.360 n altitude. It is primarily dedicated to skiers accommodated in Brzeće to take them uphill to the top of the mountain. It is an easy track.

16. Bela reka II
Type: two seat chairlift
Length: 1.288 m
Vertical rise: 500 m
Drive: 8.5 min
Difficulty: difficult

It is classified as very difficult track and recommended only to expert skiers. Run down this track is unforgettable pleasure, both due to the track itself and also beause of the marvelous view of the south Serbia. Track Bela reka II is continuation of the track Bela Reka I, and it goes all the way to Brzeće. Total length of both tracks is more than 3.5 km, and vertical rise is almost 900 m. There are three shortcuts going down from the top: the first to the bottom of Gvozdac, the second toward the bottom of Kneževske bare and the third going to the top of Struga. The track is reached from the top of Mali karaman along the ridge over the top of Ledenica.

17. Gvozdac
Type: ski lift
Length: 916 m
Vertical rise: 289 m
Drive: 4.5 min
Difficulty: difficult – black
The track is difficult and goes down from the top Ledenica (1.915m altitude). The lower half of track is shared with ski run Gvozdac. To reach it you may use any ski lift going to the top Mali Karaman (Mali Karaman, Kneževske Bare), from exit station of ski run Karaman, taking shortcut from Jaram and shortcut from exit station of Bela reka II. Often the skiers from top Gvozdac make shortcut through the forest to Ledenica

18. Duboka 2
Type: four seat chairlift
Length: 1.107 m
Vertical rise: 395 m
Drive: 7.5 min
Difficulty: medium/difficult

You may reach it by going down Duboku I or Krčmar ski run, which starting station is next to starting station of Duboka II. At the middle of this chairlift once there was a midstation from which you could go down to the shortcut Kneževske bare -Duboka I. When you exit chairlift and turn right you may reach Kneževske Bare, and just in front of you will be both left and right ski runs of Karaman Greben.

19. Krčmar
Type: two seat chairlift
Length: 1.931 m
Vertical rise: 471 m
Drive: 13 min
Difficulty: medium/difficult

The track is classified as medium/difficult, with a bit easier upper part and exceptionally difficult rest of the track. The longest Kopaonik chairlift starts at the bottom of Duboka just next to starting station of Duboka II, and the exit station is a few tens of meters below Pančićev Vrh. On its route it has a midstation which purpose is to reach starting station of Duboka I by shortcut. You may reach this chairlift going down Duboka I or from the top Suvo Rudište through the old run Duboka.

20. Mašinac
Tip: ski lift
Length: 300 m
Vertical rise: 45 m
Drive: 2 min
Difficulty: easy

This is usually the first lift to be used by beginners. It is easy, mild and short. It goes from the tourist centre toward the curve Pajino Preslo (1.800 m altitude). It is suitable for beginners and children.

Crvene bare

Tracks for Nordic disciplines

Crvene Bare is located on a flat area of Kopaonik, in the region of fir and spruce forests. In northwest direction from Pančićev Vrh, Suvo Rudište and tourist centre of Kopaonik itself, there are tracks cut and developed for Nordic disciplines, i.e langlauf just across settlement Konaci between 1.788 and 1.713 m altitude (75 m Vertical drop), which are ideal conditions for this kind of competitions (biathlon, triathlon ). Tracks are well developed and marked by signs, 3. 5 and 10 km long, and may be used both by recreators and top competitors going on for this sport.

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